First United Methodist Church is a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people.

The First United Methodist Church (FUMC) of Rockport is a community of faith seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Our plan for growth is to intentionally focus NOW on areas of ministry described as NURTURE, OUTREACH, and WITNESS.

NURTURE: providing educational, formative, supportive and fellowship activities necessary to incorporate individuals into the Body of Christ. We are to be an inclusive church, growing in the redemptive fellowship of the community and the disciplines of faithful living, that we might become whole together. This involves spiritual work and accountability.

OUTREACH: providing ministries of outreach which further the building of the Kingdom and equip every member to be in ministry for Christ. We are to be a servant church, sharing the grace we have been given and modeling our lives after the One who came to serve that we might be disciples of the Lord.

WITNESS: providing powerful, evangelistic worship which incorporates the historic Wesleyan emphases of Scripture, reason, tradition and the experience of grace. We are to be a worshipping church, offering our lives as a living gift in response to God’s love, accepting Christ as Lord of our lives, and growing in God’s grace, that we might open our hearts to the full presence and power of the living God.