Study Questions for Sunday March 31st, 2024
Each week, Pastor Melissa will publish a list of study questions that pertain to next week’s sermon.  You can use these questions in your own study, or if you prefer, there is an Adult Sunday School class that meets in the Fellowship Hall every Sunday at 9:15 to review these questions.

Reflection Questions: “Love Reigns Over Our Present” Romans 12:1-2, Psalm 51:16-17

  1. As a teen, how did peer pressure affect the way you dressed? Where you went? And how you acted?
  2. What does Romans12:1 add to your understanding of true worship (see also Romans 6:13;8:13)?
  3. How does the world squeeze you into its mold?
  4. Our past is a collection of wise or unwise choices that we made along the way. If we look back on those past decisions, who would we conclude was in charge?
  5. How many of those past decisions were a result of an obedience to God? How many of those choices were a result of obedience to our sinful desires or the voice of the world?
  6. Do you ever walk around grumbling and complaining over your present circumstances? How can we look through a different leans with the circumstances in our life we may not be happy about?
  7. How can you present your body as a living sacrifice in everyday life? How does this relate to using your gifts? Why does Paul use this imagery “a loving sacrifice” for us?
  8. What patterns can you identify and change that may be from the world and not of God? (reed, selfishness, pride, envy, and gossip)
  9. What if you were to trade in the time and energy that you used to spend on the old patters in our life and created new patters with better outcomes? How might this improve your life? How might this improve your relationship with Christ? With others?