First United Methodist Church of Rockport, Texas
Monday, July 16, 2018
Growing Families in Christ


All men of the church are welcome as members of this service fellowship. We meet the first Wednesday morning of each month at 7:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Entertaining, spiritually uplifting and interesting programs presented by members and guest speakers provide a wide variety of discussion topics. All meetings include a variety of breakfast menus. Service projects have included many repairs and new additions around the church and parsonage. All men are invited to come and enjoy a relaxing opportunity to get to know each other and find spiritual nurture.

Focus Area
Construction / Maintenance / Repairs
- Old parsonage sale preparation
- Church bldg. maintenance
- Assist in kitchen cleaning
- Habitat for Humanity
- Individual Home repairs for needy
- Provide communion services
- Coordinate UMM resources for church services/activities
- Stephen Ministry
- RX Assistance Program
- Cancer Patient Transportation
- Good Samaritans
- Castaways
- Offering Spiritual Training classes
- UMM training
- Sponsoring quest speakers
- Tutoring FLT children
- Mentoring students
-Alpha Course – Intro. To Christianity
Financial Support
- Fund church activities in need
- Youth Activities
- Alpha Program
- Fund Raising Activities – Spaghetti 
- Assist in funding RX Assist. Program
- Underwrite missionary activities
- Boys Scouts & Girl Scouts
- Kairos Prison Ministry

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 "Offering Christ to all to the glory of God through worship, ministry, discipleship and fellowship"